Hi. We're Diverso.

We aim to build a student-run film fund.

Created by students and supervised by an industry board, we aim to eliminate the socio-economic risks for young minority filmmakers and democratize filmmaking.

We have gathered a coalition of over 40 Universities from:


Why Film Fund? Why Student-Run?

After months of quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with industry, the three main obstacles that young minority filmmakers face are a lack of financingmentorship and community. student-run film fund provides solutions to all these problems.

Together, we can solve Hollywood’s diversity problem at its source.

2018 Films With Minority Directors
2016 Films With Minority Writers
2016 TV Shows with Minority Creators
Independency 7%

The Initiative

We target the source of the diversity problem by lowering the societal and economic risks for student filmmakers. 

We are in the process of building our three industry-advised programs: The Minority List,  The Diverso Film Labs, and the Film Fund. 


The Minority Report

The Minority Report is an annual compilation of the 10 most liked screenplays written by diverse students.

Diverso Film Labs

The Diverso Film Labs is a fully-funded short film incubator lab for a curated group of young minority filmmakers

Student Film Fund

The Film Fund transforms the way student films are made, and creates an industry advised community of aspiring producers and filmmakers


We have pending partnerships with agents, managers and executives from:

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